use the new call features of Facebook ads 2023

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  1.  use the new call features of Facebook ads 2023
  2. What Is the Call-Out Feature?
  3. How to Use Facebook Call-Out?
  4. How to Use Facebook Ads Call-Outs Feature?
  5. How to Track Call-Out Performance?
  6. How to Maximize Your Facebook Ads
  7. How To Use Facebook Ads Call-Outs

 use the new call features of Facebook ads 2023


While Facebook Ads may be used for many purposes, conversions are the most important. Of course, you want your brand to be seen by your target demographic, but that won't matter if they don't checkout. Previously, Facebook introduced "Phone ads" to encourage customers to call and purchase.

They can also get information and make appointments. Make the phone ring. On November 16, 2021, Facebook announced a brand new "Call-outs" function. It aids advertising in highlighting aspects that set them apart from competitors, like a better refund policy or free delivery. This tutorial covers all facets of this functionality.

What Is the Call-Out Feature?

Facebook has debuted the Call-outs tool for privileged accounts, intending to expand it to others. When consumers view your ad, Call-outs emphasize what could entice them to click. Examples are free delivery, safe payment methods, or just a better return policy. Facebook claims that they would automatically alter the call-outs' language to assist marketers in achieving better results from their ads.

Because this function is restricted, most marketers are unaware of it, which means they are losing out. This quarter, call-outs can easily showcase their value propositions to enhance sales and profits. The call-outs are currently only accessible on mobile. They will also only appear in your target audience's Facebook News Feeds.

Also, this function will only assist with website traffic and conversions, not all campaign goals. This means you may add landing page URLs and call-to-action buttons to your Facebook Ads, but not call-outs. Call-outs with Website Traffic and Conversions can only generate more traffic and conversions. Read on if you are still unsure about what Facebook Ads' new call-outs function provides and how to utilize it in your campaigns.

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How to Use Facebook Call-Out?

This functionality is available in the Ads Manager campaign option. If you're new to Facebook advertising, the Ads Manager is where you create, manage, and monitor your campaigns. To access the Ads Manager, click here.

You may also use the Facebook Ads Manager mobile app or the Facebook Business Manager to access it. The Ads Manager: Click the green +Create button in the Ads Manager's Campaigns tab. After clicking +Create, a popup will appear asking for your primary campaign goal.

Choose from Website Traffic or Conversions to discover Call-outs. Then look for the call-outs directly below the ad text fields and above the call-to-action choice. If it's accessible for your account or aims, you'll get this screen: Keep checking if it isn't accessible for your account.

Since Facebook has contacted some users, we anticipate it to be accessible shortly for all accounts. The call-out options exist only when generating new advertisements in Facebook Ads Manager. They may only be used for new adverts, not old ones.

How to Use Facebook Ads Call-Outs Feature?

With a few simple steps, you may utilize and set up call-outs for your ad campaign. Go to the call-outs option and click "Create call-outs." A popup will display asking you to choose one of three call-out types:

  • You might mention your free shipping offer to the audience.
  • Payment options: You can ensure your customers can pay safely for your goods or services.
  • You may advise customers you provide free returns on your goods and services.
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The most striking feature is that you may pick one or all three call-out kinds.


If your company offers free delivery, choose that option. If you set your "free shipping offer" for 1-6 days or weeks, Facebook gives you other possibilities. You might also choose to give free delivery on purchases exceeding a certain amount.

Credit Cards

Select this option if you accept many secure payment methods. But before you pick it, make sure your payment methods are:

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Klarna
  • Affirm
  • Afterpay

Back Policy

You must supply every information to make free returns feasible. When choosing a return policy, you must first indicate whether returns are free (yes or no). Then an optional section asks you to indicate that refunds are allowed within a specific number of days, weeks, or months following purchase.

If you provide free returns within 25 days of purchase, you must state that "returns are accepted within 25 days of purchase." Advertisers must decide whether or not free returns help their customers. So if you sell clothing, buyers will feel more comfortable purchasing from you if they can exchange items without penalty. So your target market will come back to you more frequently.

How to Track Call-Out Performance?

Sadly, Facebook doesn't monitor or report on call-outs. Of course, you can't ask consumers for feedback on your call-outs. But it doesn't mean you can't find them. You may still test which call-outs work.

So you may create two comparable ad campaigns, one with call-outs and one without. Then assess the two advertisements' effectiveness to discover whether call-outs bring value to your advertising strategy. Call-outs will undoubtedly help e-commerce companies. So, if you're not targeting that demographic, call-outs may not be worth it.

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How to Maximize Your Facebook Ads

Facebook advertisements have made it simpler for marketers to get more traffic and convert. Yes, the new call-outs function is useful, but only if you write interesting commercials.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Less text on photos. Humans prefer images over words. So, use more graphics and less text. Pictures with less than 20% text perform better, but there is no limit.
  • Keep it brief. People prefer to scroll down rapidly. So, whether or not you employ graphics, make your ad wording brief, clear, and simple. Optimize them to convey the message.
  • VIDEOS VERTICLES Because most smartphone users hold their devices vertically, a video presented in a vertical or square aspect ratio will be more appealing to them.
  • Telltales using carousel advertising. CAROUSEL ADVERTISEMENTS ARE SWIPEABLE CARDS OR IMAGES THAT TELL A STORY. Make your carousel advertising more interesting by using numerous pictures.
  • Animate. Users are drawn to adverts that move. So, while creating your Stories ad, you may utilize free templates that will automatically animate it.
  • Use CTA buttons. Facebook gives advertisers a variety of CTA buttons to use in their advertising. These buttons entice your viewers to click on your adverts. Depending on your goals, you may test various CTA buttons to discover which ones perform best.

How To Use Facebook Ads Call-Outs

When Facebook makes this tool accessible to all marketers, we expect to see more call-outs in advertising. Like Google Ads, the platform plans to extend the possibilities accessible in call-outs. If you're still unsure about starting, a digital marketing firm like Disruptive can assist. The firm offers a staff of digital marketers who can provide results. In addition, we can assist you in creating targeted marketing.


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