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 read Google Analytics reports 2023


Google Analytics:

Wouldn't it be fantastic to know where your website wins and loses users? Google Analytics is by distant the most famous online analytics software. Google Analytics tracks and analyzes website traffic. It tracks session length, referring site, browser type, and bounce rate. This data may be reduced into 78 reports to help you make the best internet marketing choices.

You can know a lot about your site or app from Google Analytics analytics, but not much about why. If you understand Google Analytics' quantitative data, you may get a lot of valuable information. Alternatively, you may employ a Google Analytics professional to help you optimize your marketing.

What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics works by embedding Javascript code into your website's pages. This code is invisible to the user while they navigate the page. Google Analytics then puts the data into reports. Details about the program and its terminology are provided below. Understanding data collection helps you make better judgments.


The property ID informs the program how to divide up the data. In web analytics, a property is an identifier added to the code. Several sites may utilize the same property ID or many property IDs on a single site, app, or blog, like a strip mall's address breakdown. Several shops owned by the same owner may receive mail at one storefront.


You may access reports and data through a Google Analytics account. Google Analytics offers an unfiltered picture with all data. You may build as many views as you need to examine traffic statistics from certain countries, applications, or websites, or limited views only certain individuals can access. Multiple opinions are welcomed. Excluding data from the original view using a filter prevents tracking or storage. If you remove a filter, the old data is gone. The ideal practice is to copy and paste.

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Principal Dimensions

A dimension is a data attribute. The major dimension is the default sorting property. For each dimension value, the report will produce a row. Data for New York, Denver, and Los Angeles will be divided into rows if the main dimension is "city."


Custom dimensions are trackable data characteristics. But Google Analytics doesn't do this by default. Custom dimensions need 1 app view. These have limited slots and cannot be removed. But they can be deactivated.

You may also incorporate data from other sources, such as CRM software, to Google Analytics. This gives a more detailed picture of the data.

Audience Sections

An audience is a collection of users based on any metric that matters to your organization. Segments filter an audience without destroying it. You may segment audiences based on previous purchases or not. You may also segment your audience by source. For example, you may compare website A with B's traffic.

Business Objective

Business objectives track user behavior. Purchases may be made, but so can simple actions like signing up for a newsletter or clicking on an ad. Goals are based on what your company needs to succeed. Level completion is more significant than email sign-ups in a mobile gaming app.

Google Analytics Content Marketing Metrics

Your Google Analytics account gives you access to reports, but do you know what the data means? These are some of the metrics used by Google Analytics.


A conversion is a finished task, not just a transaction. It might be email sign-ups, downloads, or anything linked to your aims. Micro-conversions are non-profitable conversions. Macro conversions are the transactions that keep your company running. These are the profitable conversions. The conversion rate is the proportion of people who convert on your site or app. Creating landing pages is one technique to enhance conversion rate without increasing traffic or marketing spending.

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Search Traffic

Organic search traffic refers to people who arrive at your site from search results rather than adverts or referrals from other sites. They should be the simplest. High organic traffic conversion rates and poor conversion rates from other sources may suggest that you need to modify certain adverts.

Duration Of Session

How long did a person spend on your app or site? Includes all pages. There isn't a separate measure for each page. The longer they stay, the more likely they are interested in your company. A short user time without conversion means your site isn't engaging.

It is not always better. Long-staying visitors who don't convert may be having trouble finding what they want. The greatest strategy to attain an ideal average session time is knowing your customer's path through the sales funnel and making it simple.

New Vs. Returning Users

There are two sorts of users: first-time visitors and returning visitors. This only covers previous Google Analytics users. It can only identify users with cookies. So it won't be perfect straight first, and there will be mistakes when individuals block or delete cookies.

Rate Of Bounce

A bounce occurs when a person hits one page of your site without visiting others. The system also considers this a zero-second session since it can't measure time spent without another page visit. The bounce rate is the ratio of someone that only views one page of your site.

A high bounce rate isn't a negative thing for a single-page site. If you require people to see more than one page to achieve your objectives, you may reduce the bounce rate. You may utilize the following reports to check whether the people that depart rapidly have anything in common, such as coming from the same website.

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Average Session Pages

This tracks how many pages a person views on your website. The recommended page count varies per site. If you track the buyer through the sales funnel, you can see how many pages they need to see to convert. If your average page count is lower, you may have an engagement problem. If the average number of pages is larger than expected, the funnel may not be clear enough for the client to follow.


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