master cloud computing up in 5 easy steps 2023

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  1.  master cloud computing up in 5 easy steps 2023
  2. You can learn Cloud Computing from the ground up by following these steps!
  3. To know about cloud computing, you need to know first what you need to do
  4. Stage 2: Understand cloud and virtualization ideas!
  5. Virtualization has a lot of important things to know about
  6. Networking: It's a good idea to learn about and understand networking
  7. How do you learn AWS?
  8. It's time to close

 master cloud computing up in 5 easy steps 2023


Cloud computing is a new way for businesses to run. This has changed how businesses look at their digital infrastructure because it lets us share resources from a cloud server over the Internet. Because it's more efficient and cheap to use the cloud, this is a better way to run your business. Most of them want to know, "What is cloud computing?" The best way to learn about cloud computing is to read about it. Just read this blog.

You'll be surprised to learn how many jobs are available in the cloud field, and there are a lot of new courses on cloud computing. It's not like these courses are cheap. Don't worry; I'm here. The Internet is a sea of details, and you can learn anything you want in cloud computing because there is so much information.

But it brings a lot of time and research to get started with cloud computing. There's a good chance you don't have to do that. This article will help you find some of the best resources to learn about cloud computing from the ground up. Ready to learn for a few hours? In this post, we'll explain what cloud computing is.

You can learn Cloud Computing from the ground up by following these steps!

Stage 1:What do you know?

Then, think about that. I'm assuming that you know how to use Windows, Linux, basic networking skills, and how your operating system works, but you don't know how cloud computing works. I'm not sure what you know about cloud computing. These are very simple things, but they're enough to start your career in cloud computing right now. There is always hope if you don't have any of the skills above and come from a non-technical background. All is well.

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To know about cloud computing, you need to know first what you need to do

  • 1. Programming Knowledge
  • 2. You need to know how to use databases.
  • 3. The basics of security and privacy. 4. A basic understanding of the Agile method.
  • 5. You should know how operating systems work.
  • 6. Virtualization is comprehended
  • 7. Networking's basic rules

Stage 2: Understand cloud and virtualization ideas!

As we examined the requirements for cloud computing, one must know about virtualization. When we talk about cloud computing, virtualization is a big part of what we do. Virtualization is a new idea that helps the cloud and businesses connect their server areas.

This lets you make virtual worlds. So, start with it and make sure you use this technology as much as possible. You can learn about virtualization technologies and understand what we mean when we talk about a system of virtualization guests. Using the cloud will give you many ideas about repeating and growing your business.

Virtualization has a lot of important things to know about

Learn about hypervisors and the different types of hypervisors, like VMware, KVM, Xen, HyperV, or OpenVZ.

Stage 3: Study Cloud Computing Fundamentals

For someone who doesn't know much about cloud computing, learning about the basics will be a lot of fun. You can find so many basic online courses to help you learn about cloud computing that it's nearly unthinkable to pick the best one. You should think about both the economic and technical changes taking place, so you should think about both.

Stage 4: Learn how to use Linux and connect to the Internet

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When you start with cloud computing, Linux will be your best friend. It's true! Linux operating systems will play a big role in the IAAS platform. Most companies that work with web applications and scalable environments use Linux operating systems, which is good. A good example is that Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform are also built on Linux ideas. The Docker software, which was made for Linux, is sometimes used. Learning how to work with Linux can help programmers and system administrators do their jobs better at work.

How do you learn Linux, and how do you do that?

Use it! Look online for some documentation and basic courses to help you. The basics of Linux can be learned in less than an hour by watching this video.

Networking: It's a good idea to learn about and understand networking

  • When it comes to computing, it's like the glue that holds everything together.
  • You learn how servers all over the world talk to each other.
  • They all happen because people connect, put your mind on networking ideas.

Stage 5: Choose Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform to use

There are a lot of cloud platforms out there, but let's talk about a real cloud platform here. As a top public cloud provider, AWS has more than 80% of the market. This makes it a real cloud platform provider. In the future, more and more people are thinking about using AWS for different tasks or moving to them. There are a lot of courses about them.

Taking into account AWS, this is a very big platform with 50 different services. Here, I'm going to show you an AWS course that you should watch right now. As soon as you understand how Amazon Web Services is set up, you can start taking more advanced courses in AWS to improve your job skills.

How do you learn AWS?

Trying to learn cloud computing from scratch for people who aren't very tech-savvy might be hard, so I've placed together a list of things to keep in mind before you start working with cloud computing.

  • Step 1: Find out what Cloud computing is.
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Find out what cloud computing is and how it works, then try it out for yourself.

  • Step 2: Acquaint yourself with AWS.

You can start learning about AWS by going to the AWS site.

  • Step 3: Don't worry about IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, or XaaS. They're not important.

Don't get sucked in by these.

  • Step 4: Learn about the most important AWS services.

Visit this link to learn: There are many things from AWS. If you still need to learn more about AWS, check out this guide.

  • Step 5: Watch AWS Masterclass Webinars learn more.

AWS Solution Architects webinars are a one-stop shop to learn everything you need to know about AWS.

  • Step 6: Read the Whitepapers from AWS and its Partners.

These are the multiple detailed pieces of work done by experts at AWS.

  • Step 7: Visit the AWS Architecture Center to see how other people have used AWS.
  • Step 8: Check out the APN and AWS blogs.

There are a lot of APN and AWS blogs on the Internet. But I think you should read:

1. APN has a blog

2. The AWS Blogs

  • Step 9: Learn about how AWS has been well-designed.

It's time to close

Starting an online course with Great Learning's Cloud computing course is a great way to get started on your career path. You'll learn about 90+ cloud services, work with tools and platforms like AWS, Azure, and DevOps and, of course, work on 15+ hands-on labs and industry-relevant projects. In this course, you can learn at your own pace. But, it is well-known that if you don't practice, there is no way to get an online certification.


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