Instagram Reels: Tips 2023

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  2. Making an Instagram Reel
  3. Instagram Reels for Business: 6 Tips
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  6. Begin well
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  8. Disseminate usefully
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Instagram Reels: Tips 2023


Instagram Reels are a popular social media format right now. After Snapchat's Stories and now TikTok, Instagram recognized a trending feature on a competitor's platform and decided to copy it. While Instagram has always been a powerful marketing tool, Reels expands possibilities.

The format is incredibly engaging and may help marketers rapidly build their following. Instagram Reels for Business has a lot to offer. That includes creating great Reels that will help you discover your target audience.

Making an Instagram Reel

Learn how to construct Instagram Reels for your company. The good information is that it is really simple.

Step 1: Click +

Go to your profile page and connect the Plus symbol in the upper right corner (the same one you would use to create a feed post or a Story). A choice will appear asking what sort of material you wish to produce. Reels.

Step 2: Select media

Next, utilize Instagram's inbuilt camera to generate fresh material or browse your camera roll for suitable media files. You may combine photographs or video clips if you choose. So, I used a video from my camera roll.

Step 3: Editing

After selecting a video, you may modify it using the app's various tools. I may trim or resize the video here. I can also cut the video. To add it, click Add.

Click the blue plus symbol in the bottom left-hand corner to add more video clips on the following screen. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram Reels may be up to 60 seconds long. Aim for at least 15 seconds and under 60.

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Step 4: Insert audio, narration, and visual effects

On the same page where you can upload more clips, you can also edit your film using the icons on the left. Tap the music note symbol to add an audio clip to the video and the 1x icon to speed up or delay playback.

Your Reel may also have visual effects. Filters, GIFs, stickers, text, and more are available.

5: Caption and tag users

This page is quite similar to the feed post creation screen. Begin by writing a caption. With 2,200 characters, you can be inventive. Use hashtags in the caption. When tagged, other users in the Reel will be notified. To avoid breaking Instagram's rules, only tag people who appear or are mentioned in the Reel.

Step 6: Add a paid partnership (if applicable)

If you developed this Reel as part of a paid collaboration or sponsorship, you must declare it. To do so, choose Advanced Settings. This will enable the Paid Partnership Label option. Allow it to tag brand partners in your Reel (see Instagram's rules).

Step 7: Post your Reel

Then double-check everything to make sure it looks great! Tap Share at the bottom to share your Reel.

Instagram Reels for Business: 6 Tips

Knowing how to make Reels on Instagram is merely the beginning. You must also know how to use Reels to connect with your target market. Listed here are 6 key practices for producing interesting Reels, with samples to help you get started.

This is one of the most crucial Instagram Reels tips. Suppose you spend 10 minutes on the platform (which I highly encourage). Some audio snippets may reappear, with people contributing their interpretations.

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Jump in on these trends when you notice them. Applying your brand to an existing trend shows you understand and share your audience's values, aesthetics, and sense of humor. Some trends are seasonal, allowing you to market appropriate promotions or items. Modcloth utilized a famous Halloween song to promote Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney.

Share insider content

Insider material makes users feel like they know your company well. Authenticity and relatability are enhanced through "behind the scenes" footage. Here's a terrific example from a custom signage company. They first showed their product, then showed their audience how it was manufactured, using a popular Taylor Swift song, "Ready for it." The film is entertaining and might help the company attract new consumers interested in personalized signs.

Begin well

Two causes warrant a thumb-stopping start

  1. You want Reels users to stop and read your material.
  2. You want them to stop scrolling through their feed and click to view the remainder of the video on the Reels tab.

Starting strong is crucial. Using large text to draw attention is a tried-and-true method. Here's one. With a trendy audio clip of Cardi B babbling about being scared, eager, and overwhelmed in the center of the screen, a wedding shop utilized the caption "Bride at her first dress work." Can brides-to-be know anything before their first dress fitting? The strange or poignant past brides This Reel immediately captures the viewer's attention.


Reels are no exception to the value of storytelling in marketing. Using a brand, customer, personal connection, or employee story may quickly develop rapport. That's why so many health corporations promote good lifestyles. Stories greatly influence how customers view your brand and help establish trust.

Even excellent stories that show vulnerability. In the example below, a doctor describes how their adviser warned them not to go to med school, how scared they were when they did, and how successful they are now. Stories like this one might help people who are scared by physicians.

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Disseminate usefully

You can never go wrong by providing answers or knowledge that your audience may not even realize they need. Focusing on informative Reels is a great business approach. How-to and DIY material, as well as general knowledge, may all be shared.

Consider an example. A stylish discusses techniques to identify clothes quality in the Reel below. Who doesn't care about the quality of the products they buy? The creator provides useful advice, exhibiting her competence and benefiting her audience. This sort of material may easily get fans.

Captions with context and CTAs

You don't want your whole Reel screen covered with overlay text; that's why you have a 2,200 character caption restriction. Use your caption to expand on your Reel's content. Instagram's algorithm uses captions to comprehend what you're posting and who it's for. Encouraging visitors to contact you or directing them to a special offer may be included in captions.

Here's one. This Reel contains a wedding consultant listening to someone speak on the phone (a trendy audio clip) (a trending audio clip). That's about it. Also included in the caption are purchasing recommendations for bridal gowns. It's a fun Reel with a purpose.


Instagram Reels are a great way for companies to build their following. We know the function helps people find new products and has high engagement potential. Please make the most of this format by regularly producing Reels content and testing it with your audience.


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