Get More Followers On Twitter By Optimizing Your Profile On 2023

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Get More Followers On Twitter By Optimizing Your Profile On 2023

Twitter is still a fantastic lead-generating tool. Did you see how Apple announced the iPhone 7 on social media? They went on Twitter! They grasp it. But Apple is a well-known brand with a passionate following. This is possible if you improve your Twitter profile. So, what's the big deal about your bio? Why is it so important?

Twitter is a 24/7 online representation of you. A Twitter profile is a Twitter business card! Every time someone watches it on the internet, it represents you. When people search for you, some of your profile displays on Google. "The Virtual Handshake" is an opportunity created by your Twitter profile.

Assume you're at a networking event. How do you greet a stranger? You shake hands, introduce yourself, establish eye contact, and talk about your job and personality. It's similar when someone first visits your Twitter profile.

An introduction and self-promotion via your profile. This is online and not in person. No handshake, but it's like a meet and greets. Does it make sense? So, how can you acquire followers on Twitter? It's easy. Let's go!

How to Boost Your Business Using Twitter

Header Image

Your profile's header picture is one of the first things visitors notice upon visiting. It's your moment to wow, communicate, and connect. Twitter has provided you with many alternatives for your banner picture. Could you not throw it away? Include some of these ideas in your header photo:

Show off your personality, advertise yourself, promote a business or product, and use social proof to build your online reputation.

An excellent example of this is Mike Kawula's header picture. Mike is the CEO of Social Quant. He utilizes a customized motto, logo, social proof, and images to show his personality and family's importance.

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Don't worry if you can't draw well. Canva and Relay are free to test. Canva includes header template options. After submitting your materials, Relay will generate a header image for you. It's surprising how many accounts still get it incorrect when utilizing the header picture. Prevent these typical header picture blunders:

  • Bleeding it
  • a random picture
  • Using an out-of-scale image
  • simply your logo
  • Vague slogan or idea communication
  • Too "sales" (promotion of free goods is OK!).
  • Text overload
  • Not taking into consideration mobiles

Photo of Me

People want social interaction. Human to Human (H2H) connection is becoming the norm in business. Incorporate a profile photo of yourself into your brand's social media strategy. Get out there and meet people!

Building connections online is simpler since it is more intimate. In this way, humans may engage more effectively with one another. Larger firms may use a logo as their profile image. Team members' faces may always be included in the header picture.

With their dedicated customer service Twitter account, Hootsuite excels at this. In their new logo, they use the stethoscope to "help." That there are genuine persons helping clients is confirmed by the headline picture. On Twitter, Hootsuite's customer support account has a team picture instead of the company's emblem.

Remember that visitors seldom visit your profile page to view your header picture. This is what users see when they interact with your account. Here are some final profile picture tips. Assemble the picture so:

  • Exceptional
  • Recognizable
  • gleam (not too dark)
  • Seemly

Remember that most people will only view your profile picture in the news stream!

Account Name and Username

Simply put, make yourself easily accessible. Any industry may benefit from following such guidance. Remember my first encounter and shaking hands analogy? Isn't that how you'd introduce yourself? Remember the H2H idea...people want to connect. Use your name if it works for you.

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How often have you attempted to locate someone on Twitter without their name? It's not always easy. You don't want folks to look hard for you. Make it easy, or they will give up. Cleverness can work. To avoid confusion, keep your account and @names near your name if you're new to Twitter or don't have much influence yet. Also, keep in mind that your brand follows you everywhere. Businesses change, but you don't!


For your company to grow, your Twitter presence must be complete. But your bio is priceless.

  • Did you know Google indexes bios? Google displays your bio in search results (SERPs).
  • To reach your target demographic, optimize your Twitter profile using relevant keywords.
  • People read your bio to determine whether they want to follow you or not.

In other words, your biography should be a condensed version of what you'd tell a stranger. Your elevator pitch may be your bio. Adding personal info allows others to "talk" to you online. In addition, it allows your followers to learn more about you. Isn't that the whole point of social media? Kim Garst's social selling strategy combines credentials, social evidence, and personal data. You could easily tweet her!

Because your bio is just 160 characters long, it must be concise and meaningful. How would you want to be seen? What do you want to say? You may use Neil Patel's writing tips. An excellent structure to follow is Buffer's seven essentials of a great Twitter bio:

  • True. One expert description.
  • It's thrilling. Non-boring in one word
  • It's precise. Niché descriptor
  • It pleases. It's a start
  • It warms us up. One pastime.
  • It piqued my interest. Describe an intriguing aspect of your life.
  • It links. Your business or a social media page.
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A pinned tweet isn't worthless. Again, here is a chance to share something about yourself. Visitors who are usually new followers see a pinned Tweet to your profile. Do not waste this opportunity to provide the most vital information.

New followers often repost my pinned tweet, according to my observations. The pinned tweet is a great free resource for adding value, promoting offers, driving traffic to links, or announcing messages. To get seen, pinned tweets should have material that indicates who you are, what you do, and the value you provide. For maximum effect and interaction, use a picture in your pinned Tweets.

The pinned tweet is the one I search for when I go to someone's account to thank them. A pinned tweet makes it simpler to reciprocate and spread the love quickly. To save time, I typically merely thank people rather than retweet them. To learn more about pinned tweets and how to create them, see my article Why Use Them?


Mention your region and URL! Most of the time, these fields are left blank, but not always. Include your location, so you have something to chat about. So, if a follower is nearby or lives in an area I've been to or wish to visit, I tell them.

Also, thank you to those who provided a location through Twitter. I don't want to tweet "Good night!" Given that we're talking about businesses here, I assume you do. The main benefit of using social media is increased online traffic.

Using your primary website's URL is OK. To direct Twitter followers to a blog, for example. Or, better yet, create a Twitter-specific opt-in landing page and link to it from your Twitter profile!

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