Best Android Launchers for 2023

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  1. The Top 10 Best Android Launchers for 2022
  2. Microsoft Launcher
  3. Smart Launcher 6
  4. Niagara Launcher
  5. Lawnchair 2
  6. Apex Launcher
  7. Ratio Launcher
  8. Poco Launcher 2.0
  9. Nova Launcher
  10. Hyperion Launcher
  11. BaldPhone Launcher
  12. The last words

The Top 10 Best Android Launchers for 2022


They are not the best Android launchers, or we get tired of them. This is why we have put together a list of the top 10 best Android launchers for 2022 so that you can make your device look the way you want. Most people need to recognize what are the best Android launchers. We know the answer to that question. It's below this list of the best launchers for Android apps with apk files.

There is no single answer to this question because everyone has different needs and wants. However, some of the most popular Android launchers may still be around in 2022, like Nova Launcher, Action Launcher 3D, Aviate Launcher, Zooper Widget, launched simple home, and MiniHome. We've placed together a list of the best Android launchers apps for you below.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft has made an Android launcher that looks good and works well. It gives you the same experience as Windows 8 and Windows 10. This is the best choice for people who own all of these consoles, especially if they have a Pixel phone, which has a similar design and very few customization options at this time. This is the best choice for people who own all of these consoles. People who use tablets love Microsoft Launcher, too. It is the best Android launcher for both phones and tablets.

Smart Launcher 6

If you want to know which Android launcher is the best one, this one is the best. Smart Launcher 6 themes are a great way to make your Android device look unique and different from all the other phones and tablets that have the same theme. However, some launchers don't let you install them, or they only allow you to install one at a time, so you can't install them all.

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You can use Launcher 6 if you want to change the look of your home screen. Apps, your home screen, and even your dock can have different themes with Smart Launcher 6. You can do this with the app. You can also make folders to keep all of your app add-ons together.

Niagara Launcher

Niagara, the new app from the people who made Google Experience Launcher, finally has Material Design. A simple launcher for people who like simple things and creating different layouts. You can get this one for free. It is an app for the Android operating system that Google made. The launcher has a "smart search" feature that lets users find and open apps and documents by voice command. It also has icon packs that can be used for more customization.

Lawnchair 2

There aren't many options if you want to change how Lawnchair looks. But it could be the best way to manage notifications and app icons. People use three main parts of the workspace. You can quickly move between apps on your home screen with a swipe. The Quick Launch bar shows the icon, name, or URL information. The Everything section has widgets like Android's flashlight widget.

Apex Launcher

It has a clean, modern look. It has all the features you'd expect from a launcher, like home screen customization, quick access to your apps and settings, and the ability to drag and drop apps into place. "Smart location," for example, lets Apex Launcher figure out where you are to show you the most relevant content on your home screen.

Ratio Launcher

This is a launcher that primarily looks at the ratio of app icons. Easy to use: It's great for people who want a launcher that's simple to use but has a lot of options. It's an easy-to-use launcher that doesn't need a lot of things to start. This means that you can change the app drawer and other things. A good thing about it is that it's not too flashy, but it has many great features. It also has a grid-style like the icons with the air launcher.

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Poco Launcher 2.0

Poco Launcher 2.0 is a new, customizable launcher for Android that replaces the stock Android launcher and lets you make it look the way you want it to. Many new features and tweaks have been made to make your experience on your phone or tablet better. It has a sleek contemporary look. Poco Launcher 2.0 is a light and fast launcher for Android that makes it easy to get to your apps and settings. It's also straightforward to use. It has a simple design and an easy-to-use interface that make using Poco Launcher fun and easy.

Nova Launcher

A home screen and app launcher called Nova Launcher Prime is very customizable. It has many powerful features, like the ability to hide apps and make folders with an unlimited number of subfolders. You can also use Nova Launcher to make your pages and grids, add icons and widgets, change how apps look, etc. Free: The Nova Launcher can be found on Google Play.

The Nova Launcher Prime costs 5$ and comes with more options. A launcher for Android made by Samsung Electronics. It has a "user-friendly" interface, quick access to apps and settings, smooth animations, two home screens, support for mobile themes and customizations, PIN protection, gesture-based controls, icon support, and two home screens.

Hyperion Launcher

Android Launcher lets you change the look of your home screen and quickly get to the apps and settings you use the most as long as you have a simple and easy-to-use interface. These options are just a few things you can do with your home screen. You can also make shortcuts to apps and folders. You can add widgets, better wallpapers, an app drawer, etc.

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BaldPhone Launcher

BaldPhone is the best Android launcher for older people who have specific disabilities. It is also the best for older people. It's free and made to work with the iPhone. The package comes with a widget for your home screen that you can use. It has more prominent icons and all the features you need. The home screen can be changed to fit the user's needs.

This is the best Android launcher for older people who don't want to see ads. It has a lot of great features for this group. Because the Android launcher is open source, there are no ads, and the developers say, "It's just a goodwill thing." There are a lot of permissions that are asked for by the app, but it's important to point out that it's open-source and maintained by professionals. That means that your data won't be harmed, and you can be sure of that.

The last words

This list shows you the best free and paid launchers for Android that you can make your own. All of the launchers are unique and have many beautiful options that you can choose from. Make sure you select the best one for you. Some don't have all the options you need to make them look the way you want. More launchers make it easier for people to use them and choose which one they want to use. I hope you like the list and that you'll give us your feedback after you try these great launchers for Android.


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